Dejana Alajbeg


I have been with Paull Travel for 10 years now doing invoicing, marketing/design and working as a group coordinator. I love to travel. It is just incredible being exposed to different cultures and experiences. I love that my job challenges me every day in different way.


TULUM, MAYAN RIVIERA - The highlight for me was the abundant sunshine, warm ocean and air temperatures, delicious foods and thriving Mexican culture.

CROATIA - We wander and explore centuries-old cobbled streets and harbor towns,  discovering UNESCO sites as we go. We enjoy the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea daily. For me, Croatia offers a unique combination of all the things I love: breathtaking natural beauty, great swimming, summertime sun, amazing history, interesting architecture, incredible wine, delicious seafood… I could go on.


There are so many places I would love to visit… I would love to sail around the beautiful Greek Isles or wake up in the Maldives to a
sea of stingrays below my overwater bungalow.


I love the ocean. I lived in 4 countries. I speak 2 languages. I’m a great cook, but horrible baker (ask my husband). I am a sucker for chocolate.